Heat pumps provide heat and hot water for your home by extracting the natural heat from the ground, the air or water.

Cheaper to run than a traditional boiler, they are a solution to lowering your home heating bills and carbon footprint.

Heat pumps generate heat for your home by moving heat from one source to another.

Heat extracted from the ground (or air or water) is then released in another location at a higher temperature for space heating and heating hot water. Read more about how Heat Pumps work

A heat pump cannot be depended on as a sole source of heat for your home because it heats water to a lower temperature compared to a traditional boiler.

But it can work wonders when teamed up with underfloor heating or large radiators. Read more about how much heat is provided

A reliable and efficient method of heating and cooling, heat pumps can be used all year round to deliver cheaper energy bills.

And with the Renewable Heat Incentive for ground source and air source heat pumps you'll get paid for generating renewable heat for your home.

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